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Contractor Bonds

Aside from being a necessary part of doing business in most states, contractor bonds show your customers that you are a legitimate contractor with a healthy track record of doing business the right way. A contractor bond provides a guarantee that you will execute your end of the bargain in the manner expected from a professional contractor.

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What Are Contractors Bonds?

Contractor bonds are a type of commercial surety bond that is a three party contract between the contractor (the principle), the entity requiring the bond called the obligee [typically the state licensing entity (for license bonds) or the entity responsible for a project like a developer or municipality] and the surety (the company backing the bond). If a an employee or client of a contractor is financially harmed as a result of a state law violation or terms of a contract, then a claim against the contractors bond may occur. A surety company will investigate any claim and its validity before a surety makes a payout on a bond. However, unlike insurance, when a payout does occur, the contractor is responsible for repaying the surety the amount of the bond claim plus legal expenses.

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