Five Terrifying Handyman Tales of Terror

It was a dark and stormy night when the handymen gathered for their annual camp and fishing trip. Inside their cabin, the lights flickered and went out. Since no one had bothered to bring their tools, or felt like doing electrical work in the dead of night, the handymen had no choice but keep the fire roaring and to entertain themselves with terrifying tales of jobs gone wrong, missing tools, and furniture that went bump in the night.

Certainly these stories were just made up to give each other a good scare…. weren’t they? Let’s listen in and you can decide for yourself.

1. “I Had a Bad Feeling About This Job.”

John had a bad feeling about this job. Maybe it was because he got the call on Friday the 13th. Or maybe it was because he had accidentally bought himself decaf coffee that morning.

Either way, he just couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going to go wrong that day.

He had no logical reason for feeling off. It was a simple repair, really. He had to replace some crown molding and do some touch-up painting. He could do this work with his eyes closed and one paintbrush tied behind his back.

He had the creepy feeling all through the repair. When the job was almost done, he took a quick bathroom break. As John approached the living room where he was doing his work, it happened -- all in an instant:

The back door flung open. A black cat went running through the house, shrieking. It was chased by an angry neighbor, who was throwing obscenities at the beast left and right. The neighbor ran after the cat, right underneath John’s ladder. The ladder shuddered and collapsed, tangling up the cat-chaser, who tripped and broke a decorative mirror as he fell. Paint spilled, the neighbor howled, and glass shards laid menacingly all over the floor.

As John surveyed the damage, he began to calculate the costs:

  • Angry neighbor - definitely injured. Medical bills were coming his way.
  • Damage to the client’s home.
  • And from what he could count, a minimum of seven years’ bad luck.

John knew he had a bad feeling about this job.

Spooky Room

2. “A Shocking Discovery”

Bruce stood back to admire his handy-work. He had just finished a master bedroom remodel:

Add new closet - check
Update lighting fixtures - check
Refinish Hardwood floors - check
Touch up interior paint - check

All in all, he was proud of this entire project.

Bruce had come in under budget and finished early - so his clients were pretty happy, too. At least that’s what he thought.

Until the phone call came a week later.

It turns out, Bruce had neglected to check the maximum recommended wattage on the fixtures before he installed the client’s new high-watt bulbs. With too much wattage for the fixtures to handle, that mistake became a spark which spread to a fire -- which completely burnt down the beautiful master bedroom he had just completed. When Bruce saw the damage, he couldn’t believe his eyes. It was as if the fiery breath of the underworld had scorched the room in a fit of evil rage.

The memory of that bedroom still haunts him today…. Just like the check he wrote to the client to cover the property damage he caused.

Black Cat With Jack-o-Lanterns

3. “Vanished in the Mist”

Reuben had invested in some new lawn care equipment to keep up with the growing demand for his lawn and yard work services. He bought a trailer to pull behind his work truck, and filled it with a new mower, power hedge trimmer, edger, and even a gas snow-blower so he could work through every season.

One day, he was working on a client’s backyard when he heard a strange noise. He set down his trimmer and cautiously went to investigate.

As he circled the property, Reuben felt like he was being watched. Strange noises filled the air: a squeaky gate, footsteps through the crunchy leaves… but no matter how hard Reuben looked, he couldn’t find anyone else.

Deciding he was in major need of a break, Reuben went out to the front of the house where he had parked his truck, trailer, coffee, and lunch. But when Reuben got there, he suddenly lost his appetite:

Because the trailer was now sitting empty. His new tools and equipment had vanished into the misty morning air.

4. “It Was an Ordinary Repair Job”

Carlos had a pretty good gig going with a client who owned a few rental properties. Tenants would move out, Carlos would make repairs, and new tenants would move in.

The client had recently purchased a new rental property, and wanted Carlos to do some repairs and clear out some old furniture that had been left behind. The home may have been new to his client, but it was definitely not newly constructed: it looked like it had seen decades of wear and tear.

The house was old, large, and chilly. The floors creaked, the furnace moaned. Carlos had his work cut-out for him.

With the repairs taken care of, Carlos began to slide a large, antique sideboard across the hardwood floors. Once the sideboard was out and safely nestled in his truck, he walked back into the home and stopped in his tracks.

Carlos gasped as he saw huge gashes and slashes across his client’s ancient hardwood floors, like a wild beast had torn it to shreds.

He could have sworn he placed a carpet square under the legs of the piece to help transport it, as he had done every single time he had ever moved furniture in the past.

Had he forgotten? Was it possible he was that distracted? Or were there more malicious forces at work that day?

Haunted Mansion

5. “A Smashing Day at Work”

Stan had been hired for some electrical work on a client’s home. He was installing new lighting and a ceiling fan in the master bedroom one day when something odd caught his attention. He felt as if he was being watched. As he climbed down from his ladder, he felt compelled to walk out of the room to investigate the hallway.

The moment that Stan stepped out of the room, he heard a giant crash.

The ceiling fan that he had been installing had fallen, smashing onto a collection of collectible china dolls, lovingly stored in an antique curio cabinet.

What was it that had lured John to safety that day? A ghostly apparition? A spirit residing in an antique doll that wanted to be released?

Stan never found out, but that’s because the clients never called him again -- except to deliver him the bill for the property damage he caused.

Ghostly apparitions, strange noises, missing tools, black cats, and even hellfire… surely these tales would bring a shiver to any handyman’s spine.

The most terrifying part of these tales? The losses could’ve been prevented. If only they had protected themselves with handyman insurance, incidents such as property damage, bodily injuries, and even equipment theft would’ve been covered. If only….

Smiling Male Contractor

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