Top 25 Construction Blogs & Publications to Follow in 2018

It’s never been easier to find the information you need to do your job and grow your construction business. Information is everywhere: on your laptop, tablet, and even the phone in your pocket. In fact, there’s so much information available that the biggest problem we face now is finding trustworthy and reliable sources to give us the right info at the right time.

Last year we helped you cut through the noise by curating a list of the Top 20 Construction Blogs and Publications You Should Follow in 2016.

This year our top 20 list is back, bigger, and better than ever.

We’ve added a few new names and updated our wildly successful post to help you find the right information you need to get your job done. Whether you’re looking for legal advice, tips for working with government contracts, or even access to the science behind construction technology -- we’ve rounded up the best construction blogs on the planet.

So check out our list of the best contractor resources to keep you informed for the rest of 2017 and into 2018, too.

The 25 Best Construction Industry Blogs and Publications for 2018

1. AEC Business

AEC Business is a blog that will appeal to business owners, R&D managers, and construction business developers alike. Written by Aarni Heiskanen, an architect turned architectural R&D manager, internet entrepreneur, and certified management consultant, AEC Business is a valuable resource for any construction professional. Innovative ideas, products, tools, and success stories are at your fingertips to help you increase your company’s success. AEC Business features blog posts and podcasts, has a simple, clean, and stunning layout, and is not to be missed.

Recommended Reading:

2. Science Daily: Construction

If you get excited about the future of engineering and construction technology, then you may want to check out construction and engineering feed from Science Daily. SD is your source for the latest research news and results from scientific studies. There are over 200,000 research articles covering a variety of topics like science, health, technology, and the environment. If you love the science behind the art of construction, you’re gonna love Science Daily.

Recommended Reading:

3. ConAppGuru

“Construction Technologist” Robert McKinney brings you ConAppGuru, the ultimate resource for construction technology. McKinney reviews the best construction apps, hardware, and strategies to get your company up to speed on the latest technology. Whether you are a one-man operation, owner of a large construction firm, tech fan, or completely clueless about construction technology, McKinney’s blog has something for you.

Recommended Reading:

4. Contractor Hub

Part industry blog and part contractor directory, Contractor Hub offers tools, resources, and information that any contractor would find useful. The Contractor Hub blog covers a wide range of topics including business, insurance, marketing and sales, technology, and trade news. Contractor Hub excels in offering modern-day advice for marketing your construction business online; look for helpful SEO tips and information about social media marketing.

Recommended Reading:

5. Construction Informer

Construction Informer provides a range of content from interviews to infographics, how to articles and more. Duane Craig has been covering the construction industry for 10 years at Construction Informer. The information provided by Craig is in-depth, up-to-date, and relevant. A can’t-miss blog for anyone in the trades.

Recommended Reading:

6. Constructonomics

Leaders in construction, real estate, and architecture will all find something to love about Constructonomics, a “construction industry blog that digs below bedrock.” A variety of writers provide industry insights that cover everything from painting tips, how to collect from clients who won’t pay, construction agreements and safety. Don’t miss this incredible resource.

Recommended Reading:

7. Construction Contract Advisor

You don’t need to specialize in construction contract law, that’s what you have the Construction Contract Advisor blog for. Written by the law firm Lamson Dugan and Murray, LLP in Omaha, Nebraska, this blog is a must read for contractors who want to stay in-the-know on all aspects of construction law.

Recommended Reading: 

8. Marshall Leslie

Marshall Leslie is the owner of Toronto based consulting firm M. Leslie Inc., and an industry resource you’ll definitely want to check out. Leslie’s blog offers up observations on the North American construction industry, economic news, sustainable building trends, and is a great resource for green building and policy updates as well. Leslie posts often, and if you follow him on Twitter you won’t miss a single one.

Recommended Reading: 

9. Construction Marketing Association

The Construction Marketing Association (CMA) blog may belong to the CMA, but you will find much more than just construction marketing resources and support here. A wide range of topics and categories include construction equipment, safety, home remodeling, power tools, and events. But that’s not to say you don’t also get a fair amount of extremely valuable marketing information, as well. Whether you are looking for tips to improve your proposal success or improve your website’s lead capturing ability, the CMA blog has it all.

Recommended Reading:

10. BrightView

The only specialized niche blog to make our list, BrightView (formerly Valleycrest Takes On) is a blog by commercial landscaping company BrightView that focuses on water management issues. With an increasing demand for green building, sustainable design, and water conservation in the construction industry, landscaping business pros are not the only ones who can benefit from the targeted information provided by this blog. BrightView posts still offer personality, tips on sustainability, and fascinating case studies that demonstrate real costs savings.

Recommended Reading:

11. Contractor Talk

Come to Contractor Talk for the member-written blogs and articles, but stay for the forums. This site is specifically tailored for the contractor community, with valuable business and trade knowledge right from the mouths and minds of fellow contractors. Contractor Talk lets its members write and share their own blog posts, review products and tools, and track and share their latest projects. It’s an excellent resource for contractors by contractors.

Recommended Reading:

12. Best Practices Construction Law

You don’t have to be an expert at construction law when you’ve got access to the Best Practices Construction Law blog written by construction and litigation attorney Matthew Devries. Devries breaks down topics like risk assessment, claims management, contract drafting guidelines, legal trends, and alternative dispute resolutions in a comprehensive and easy-to-understand manner.

Recommended Reading:

13. Build Blog

A sharply designed blog written by Seattle based BUILD LLC, the Build Blog captivates with breathtaking photos and discussions of modern design. BUILD is a design-build firm creating modern architecture for their Pacific Northwest clients. Stay ahead of the latest trends in modern design and sustainability, and impress your clients with your design savvy by following the Build Blog, which just celebrated its 10 year anniversary.

Recommended Reading:

14. Planting Acorns

Founder and President of Birmingham, AL Stewart Perry Company Merrill Stewart is the voice behind Planting Acorns. Stewart’s blog is about “helping you find seeds of potential where others only see a blank space.”

Merrill’s first person account of the commercial construction industry, and updates on current Stewart Perry projects, is warm, easily read (Merrill is fond of the bullet point), and even inspirational at times.

Recommended Reading:

15. Federal Construction Contracting Blog

When you work on government projects you need a more specific kind of construction advice. The Federal Construction Contracting Blog offers just that - news and information pertaining to government contracts and considerations for military and civil works construction. Look for webinars that will really expand your knowledge and skill set. The FCCB may not be for all contractors, but if you think your business is ready to take on government projects then it’s practically required reading.

Recommended Reading:

16. Building Design + Construction

Specializing in non-residential construction, BD+C magazine focuses on the architects, engineers, contractors, and owner/ developers working on projects such as airports, government buildings, commercial offices, retail, and multi-family residences.

Recommended Reading

17. Construction Dive

Want the latest industry news in an easy to read, quickly digestible format? Construction Dive has you covered. The ConstructDive editorial team keeps up on the latest news and provides thoughtful analysis with in-depth feature articles for residential and commercial contractors. Dive into the site yourself, or sign up for a daily newsletter to deliver the top stories right to you.

Recommended Reading:

18. Construction Business Owner

Construction Business Owner magazine is built for contractors looking for the latest business management information, full of practical knowledge on accounting, equipment management, finance, industry statistics, contractor insurance, regulatory issues, human resources, bidding strategies, technology, and jobsite safety.

Recommended Reading:

19. Professional Remodeler

Professional Remodeler magazine is created for general remodeling contractors, as well as residential and commercial professionals. The target audience, however, is the small to medium business remodeling contractor who has been in the industry for a few years. Pro Remodel is focused on delivering business management information as well as resources on products, trends, news, design, sales, and marketing.

Recommended Reading:

20. Professional Builder

Established in 1936, Professional Builder has been a trusted resource for the construction industry for generations. Professional Builder delivers excellent resources to builders ranging from industry news, product information, business development, and more. Every year, Pro Builder highlights a home builder paving the way for the rest of the industry and awards them with the Builder of the Year title.

Recommended Reading:

21. Contractor Magazine

Another industry publication with a distinguished history is Contractor Magazine, which has been helping contractors build their business since 1954. Industry news, in-depth articles, videos, and resources for plumbers, welders, piping contractors and more.

Recommended Reading:

22. Construction Executive

More than 50,000 construction business owners rely on Construction Executive for news about the business issues impacting the construction industry. Construction owners and top managers can find reliable information on workforce development, safety and liability, technological advancements, legislative action, insurance, estimating, and project management.

Recommended Reading:

23. For Construction Pros

The ultimate resource for contractors, For Construction Pros is your destination for this and six other digital publications, including:

  • Equipment Today
  • Rental
  • Pavement
  • Concrete Contractor
  • Asphalt Contractor
  • Sustainable Construction

A one-stop shop for information across the construction and equipment industry.

Recommended Reading:

24. ENR Engineering News-Record

ENR is the one of the world’s leading engineering and construction news magazine, and has been providing contractors, project managers, owner/ developers, engineers, and architects with industry news, analysis, data and opinions since 1911. ENR compiles and publishes an extensive amount of data on labor costs and construction materials, in-depth industry economic analysis reports, and the rankings of the largest construction and engineering firms by revenue.

Recommended Reading:

25. Equipment World

Where can you get the latest news and information on work trucks, excavators, dozers, and more? Equipment World, of course. The review section accomplishes something almost impossible: unbiased, contractor-based reviews of heavy equipment from owners who rate their performance, serviceability, and machine comforts, as well as dealer service and support.

Recommended Reading:

There you have it! Our updated list of the best construction blogs, publications, and resources in the industry. Because in a world where information is everywhere, it helps to know who to trust and where to go for the info you need to succeed in the trades.


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