How Well is Your Course of Construction Insurance Covering You?

A small spark ignites a dry brush on the side of the interstate. A thin stream of smoke begins to trail up toward the hot, summer sun. A light breeze picks up. In a matter of moments, it has started.


No matter where you live and work, chances are you saw the devastation of a nearby wildfire this year.

In 2015, wildfires consumed more than 5.5 million acres across the US, an area approximately the size of New Jersey. Summertime heat and drought conditions in the western states have made them most susceptible to these disastrous blazes. And anyone living in California, Nevada, or Alaska can tell you…

Wildfires don’t just destroy the wild.

A fire can quickly spread to nearby populated areas, destroying residential homes and commercial properties in an instant.

What if you were working on a project and an unexpected fire blazed through it?

The progress you’ve made would be lost.The materials and supplies on the project site would be destroyed.

The cost of cleaning up the damage, replacing the materials, and getting back on track with your project could be huge. What would it cost you to repair, replace, and start over?

For many small business and independent contractors, this kind of disaster could eat up all of their profits on a project, and even force them to pay out of pocket to get it finished.

But not for everyone.

Contractors who carry course of construction insurance would be unfazed in this type of situation. Also known as builders risk, this coverage is designed to protect you and your project from the real emergencies that can happen while you are working on a project.

When fires strike, flood waters rush in, or earthquakes shake the very foundation of a project, covered contractors can keep on building. The cost of repairing the damage, clearing debris from a site, and replacing materials and supplies that are lost or damaged won’t come out of your pocket.

Just what types of mayhem does builders risk cover on a project?

  • Natural disasters
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Vandalism
  • Theft and burglary

In a worst case scenario, your project site and all of your materials are covered with course of construction insurance.

Fires happen. Floods happen. Vandalism happens.

And you can still be profitable when they do.

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