Construction Technology That Will Help You Destroy your Competition

Want to stomp the comp? There’s an app for that. Most contractors today utilize some type of technology, but you could be doing it better than the other guys.

As many of 72% of contractors are using smartphones, and half of you are using tablets on the job, too. But you’re not necessarily using all of this technology to its full potential. Cloud-based software and mobile apps can help keep your projects moving, collaboration flowing, and give you the advantage over your competition.

Here are the cloud-based software and construction technology apps you should be using if you want a leg-up in the industry.

All-in-one Project Solution


Procore makes managing projects efficient and improves collaboration for construction companies of any size. Procore is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for all project collaborators, subcontractors, engineers, architects, and owners to easily follow a construction project lifecycle from start to finish. “If your project team members can use email, they can use Procore.”

This one stop shop features useful features such as budgeting, document management, bidding, email tracking, change management, a timecard, and an easy to use Project Dashboard. Procore offers great support, tutorial videos, how-to articles, and a user-friendly design. Use Procor on your tablet, smartphone, laptop, or desktop, and even work offline.

Manage Commercial Bids and Subcontractor Network


SmartBidNet is an app that helps commercial contractors manage bids and build a network of approved subcontractors and vendors. A cloud-based, easy-to-use software is secured and available 24/7 on the mobile app. View project and subcontractor information, pre-approve subcontractors, and streamline bid project data, documents, and communications. If you have trouble finding qualified subcontractors, SmartBidNet invites thousands of subcontractors to prequalify and bid every week, so you are sure to find the right one for the right job.

Better Collaboration and easier Payment Management


Textura offers tools that improve collaboration across a project, from design to pre-qualification, bid management, submittals, and payment on one integrated platform. Instead of subcontractors using multiple accounting systems, Textura gets all of your subs on one single system, and uses software to calculate payments and electronically disburse them. Web-based Textura also integrates lien waiver collection, progress claims, statutory declarations, sub-tier waivers, and compliance management in addition to billing and electronic payments.

Lean Construction Tools

LeanKit for Construction

LeanKit is an online visual project management tool that enables the entire team to collaborate more effectively and efficiently. Get real time status updates, and use virtual sticky notes to get at-a-glance visualization of the entire project from beginning to end. LeanKit’s mobile app for smartphones and tablets allows project members to better communicate up-to-the-minute project details with email notifications and attachments. Mobile updates are instantly visible to the entire team. An excellent visual lean construction software and mobile app solution for project planning and delivery.


Touchplan is another visual lean project collaboration tools that takes the “stickynote” approach to project management, and updates it into a powerful mobile tool. Get real time information for better project execution. Touchplan’s smart planning tool allows you to specify the work, plan the project sequence, identify project constraints, and generate weekly plans and reports. Touchplan offers smart planning and better project execution whether you are formally using Lean construction methodology or just looking for better project planning tools.

Solutions for Custom Builders and Remodelers


Custom building and remodel contractors have unique challenges, and Co-construct is the web-based solution for those needs. The software is designed for constantly-changing plans and materials. Subcontractors, team members, and even clients can access their own portals to address their own tasks, share files and photos, enter logs, and access reporting. Co-construct gives builders their own branded custom mobile app to use with clients, and excels with relationship management between contractors, clients, and employees.

Better Time Tracking Tools


InerTrak is a mobile app that allows users to better monitor the time they spend on projects for more accurate billing. Users create client lists with hourly rates, and can easily start and stop the time as they switch from task to task. An inexpensive solution to time tracking.

Take Your Sketches to the Next Level


Sketches is a fun tool that lets you sketch out and jot down design ideas on your smartphone. Snap a photo of the client’s house and draw right on it, or create a line drawing from scratch. Sketches lets you place geometric shapes and other characters on your drawing, and send the image to others. It’s not a sophisticated CAD application, but it is a fun way to jot an idea down during an initial walkthrough.

From sophisticated collaboration to lean construction management, bid management, and even simple time tracking tools, technology is making your job easier and more efficient than ever before. Your smartphone and tablets can do so much more than give you access to your email, so be sure to use them to your full advantage. The more efficient you run your company, and the better you collaborate on your projects, the easier it will be to stomp all over the competition.

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