Top 5 Construction Apps for Increasing Profitability

Construction apps can do a lot for your business. But the best construction apps are going to do more than save you time and improve collaboration: they going to help make you more profitable.

Here are five apps you should be using if you want to see more cash flow in your construction business.


Sometimes simple is better. And PlanGrid’s simple construction management software has made it a top selling, highly rated “must-have” construction management app year after year. This intuitive and time saving app lets construction team members collaborate on project plans, specs, and photos. PlanGrid includes a punchlist feature, integrated plan viewing, cloud backup, and high security to protect your data.

If you are not using construction management software or apps yet, give PlanGrid a try. Real time collaboration and communication can save your business time and money. Top 5 Construction Apps to Improve Profitability

iQuick Contract Maker

Not using a contract can be a costly mistake for new contractors or rookie construction business owners. With iQuick Contract Maker, you don’t have to invest a ton of money into having a contract developed for you. Create a contract with pre-written information and email it to your customers from your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. Templates cover all phases of the contract, and you can pick and choose what to include in this quick, easy, and legal contract maker.

Tool Tracker

Tools and equipment are some of the most important assets to your construction business. Replacing lost tools is costly. Track your tools with the Tool Tracker app, and you can stop wasting money on replacements and start building up your available cash flow instead.

Place barcodes on tools and equipment, then scan and track with the app. Enter tool information such as whether it is being used, is in inventory, or needs maintenance. Assign tools to specific job sites individually or as a group. Tool Tracker lets you track up to 10,000 tools.


Need a solution for document management? Skysite is like Dropbox but built specifically for the construction industry. This cloud based document management solution creates one single place for all project related documents, allowing team members to remain up-to-date in real time.

Skysite supports all major construction document file formats, downloads files and folders automatically (even offline), provides a real-time project activity tracker, and generates document reports. You can control user access and permissions, and Skysite offers multi-layered password security options to distinguish common folders and projects from confidential ones.

Cloud based document management and collaboration tools can save you time and money on projects. You can access all the documents you need without hunting down paper copies from different people. Real time project updates reduce the likelihood of errors and mistakes. Improved collaboration gets the project completed faster. All of this efficiency adds up to more profits for your business. Construction management and collaboration apps should be a part of every project you touch.

Construction Return on Investment Calculator

Calculating your ROI (return on investment) can be a complicated financial task. If you struggle with determining your ROI, then the Construction Return on Investment Calculator is the perfect tool for you to use at the bidding stage to set your price. The ROI calculator app projects the project ROI with the following factors:

  • Amount and timing of assets including cash use
  • Amount and timing of cash coming in
  • Gross profit dollars

By determining the right return on investment on a project level, you can give a more accurate bid, avoid bad pricing, and ultimately improve cash flow for your business.

The best construction apps to make your business profitable will help you bid right, create legal contracts, collaborate more efficiently, store all of your construction project documents in one place, keep track of costly assets, and will securely protect your data. Saving time, improving efficiency, protecting your assets and improving your bottom line? Of course, there’s an app for that.

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