Kudos From Our Clients

I am a business owner who was in dire need of getting Liability Insurance and Workmen's Comp Insurance. I went online seeking insurance quotes and received a call immediately from one or your employees, Kala Wenzel. From the moment we first spoke on the phone she was extremely caring and helpful to me. I conveyed to her that I felt overwhelmed about having to go through the process of getting the business insurances, but she handled me with kit gloves and made me feel very comfortable every step of the way.

Yesterday, I could see that I was not going to be able to afford the down payment on the liability insurance, so I gave up and I told Kala that I was no longer in need of the insurance. But even though I gave up, Kala didn't, and now today I am going to be able to get the insurances I need in order to take my business to a higher level of finance, and get my son and me out from living at the poverty level. I can't thank Kala enough, truly, she has given me a chance to have a much better life. And I thank you for hiring such a caring person to represent your company.

Gerda Chow