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Contractor Performance Bonds

Contractor performance bonds are a type of surety bond that provide a guarantee to the project owner that the contractor will finish the construction according to the contract that is set in place. A performance bond ensures that if the contractor doesn’t finish the job, or decides for some reason not to follow the building plans, the project owner can recoup the cost of having to hire someone else to fix things and finish the job.

Contractor performance bonds protect the homeowner or construction project owner, but can also help set you apart from your competition and win jobs. A homeowner who needs to hire a contractor will be much more likely to choose one who is bonded.

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We pride ourselves on understanding the unique needs of contractors, and work hard to get you the bonds you need fast. To get contractor performance bonds call Citizens General Insurance Brokers at (800) 621-0884 or complete the form on this page to get an instant bond quote.