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How Important Are Your Tools & Equipment?

Would you be able to complete your next job without your tools? Which tools are valuable enough that not having them would make it impossible for you to make a living doing what you do best. Tools and Equipment Insurance protects you in the event that some or all of your important tools are suddenly stolen or destroyed.

Imagine you’ve just won a bid on a huge project that will mean big revenue for your small construction business. You collect your tools, call your guys to tell them what time to meet at the site in the morning, and get a good night’s rest in preparation for a hard day’s work. In the morning, you load up your tools, hit the road, and take a mental inventory of the supplies and raw materials you’re having delivered.

You stop on the way to the site to grab a sandwich from the local deli, and when you return to your truck, you discover that someone has smashed the lock on your truck’s tool chest, and stolen several important pieces of equipment.

Tools & Equipment Insurance Saves the Day

If you have tools and equipment insurance, also called Inland Marine, you are covered for the loss of that stolen equipment. You could contact your insurance agent, file a claim, and quickly replace your stolen tools so you could get back to work. To say that tools & equipment insurance is an important piece of your insurance coverage would be an understatement.

Get Tools & Equipment Insurance for Your Business

We pride ourselves on understanding the unique insurance needs of contractors, and work hard to find you the lowest premiums and the best coverage for your business. To get affordable tools & equipment insurance coverage for your business, call Citizens General Insurance Brokers at (800) 621-0884 or complete the form on this page to get an instant Tools & Equipment Insurance Quote.