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Cover Your Business with Workers' Comp Insurance


Working in the construction industry, risk is part of the job description. Heavy equipment, sharp tools, and potentially toxic materials come with the territory for many contractors and construction workers. As a business owner, it’s important to carry workers' compensation insurance to cover medical and recovery costs if an employee is injured on the job. It can even cover the cost of legal fees if your employee tries to sue you.

Having a solid risk management plan is a vital ingredient in creating a safe job site, but as any seasoned contractor will tell you, all the personal protective equipment and safety committee meetings in the world cannot prevent every accident from happening on the job. Understanding the importance of carrying workers' compensation and making sure your business is adequately covered will help you avoid hassles, headaches, and costly legal fees that could threaten the health of your business.

Protect Your Employees

Workers' compensation insurance gives your employees a great deal of protection too. Your employees work hard to help you get the job done, and if an injury should occur while they are under your care and supervision, they deserve to be covered and protected if they can't physically continue earning their living.

Citizens General offers:

  • Fastest turnaround times in the industry 

  • Great payment options, including zero down 

  • Ability to bundle workers' comp with payroll services

Get Workers' Comp Insurance for Your Business

We pride ourselves on knowing the unique insurance needs of contractors, and work hard to help you find the lowest premiums and the best coverage for your businesses. To get affordable workers' comp insurance coverage for your business, call Citizens General Insurance Brokers at (800) 621-0884 or complete the form on this page to get an instant insurance quote.

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