Business Health Insurance

Group Health Benefits for Your Employees

Providing health benefits for your employees can help you attract and retain the most qualified and desirable employees and lead to a healthier, more productive workforce. When you want to offer group health insurance to your employees, Citizens General can help match you with the best network partners to find the perfect coverage for the people you rely on.

Benefits of Group Health Insurance

Group health insurance plans can benefit the employees who work hard for your business. Group health plans typically cost less for participants than an individual insurance plan offering the same coverage. That means your employees can get health insurance for less than the cost of individual coverage.

But the benefits of group health extend to employers, as well.

Employers often receive financial incentives for offering health insurance such as tax deductions and credits. And the preventative care coverage that health insurance provides can lead to healthier employees who need less sick days.

  • Offering health insurance can help you attract and retain employees.
  • Preventative care coverage can lead to healthier, more productive employees.
  • Small business owners may be able to receive a tax credit for offering health insurance benefits.
  • Employers can deduct 100% of their health insurance costs as a business expense.
  • Employers can avoid Affordable Care Act penalties for offering group health.

Navigating Insurance Requirements

Health insurance requirements can change at any time and it can be difficult to stay in-the-know about the latest requirements. Under the Affordable Care Act, employers with 50 or more full-time equivalent employees must offer group health benefits or pay a fine to the IRS.

We can help you understand your coverage requirements so you don’t have to worry about fines or penalties.

Whether you are required to provide health insurance for your employees, or simply want to offer the best benefits package to help you find and keep the most qualified people for the job, you can trust Citizens General to keep your employees covered, healthy, and productive.