7 Construction Technology Apps Every Contractor is Talking About

Technology is changing the construction industry landscape. General contractors, subcontractors, project managers, owners, developers, architects, and engineers are better connected today than ever before.

Smart technology such as tablets and smartphones, apps, and software solutions are saving contractors time, improving organization, and fostering better collaboration on projects.

More and more industry professionals are adopting construction technology in their day to day business operations. Apps for mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones are leading the way for the integration of new construction technology on job sites.

Here are seven of the best, most downloaded, productivity-enhancing apps you should be using in your daily operations.

1. Bid City

A construction app that gives general contractors the inside scoop on new private projects is CMD’s BidCity. Find actionable project and company details on your iPhone or iPad. BidCity provides project name, scope, as well as bidder and participant contact information. BidCity’s map based layout makes finding local construction projects easier than ever.

Free to download for iPhone and iPad.

2. Construction Manager

Can an app help you cut through the piles of paperwork and help your business manage, edit, save, and share data instantly and effortlessly? It can if it is Construction Manager. This app can:

  • create on-site estimates for construction and repair projects
  • record and track important construction processes throughout the day
  • keep daily reports and maintenance logs
  • share timesheets
  • quantify materials, labor, and equipment needed to complete projects

Construction Manager even includes calculators to help you determine room size, and calculate the amount of concrete and paint you need for your project. A reviewer said,”This app is so easy to use in the field and has saved me lots of time. I would highly recommend it.”

Construction Manager is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets and Android Smartphones.

3. PlanGrid

Collaboration between contractors and architects reaches new highs with PlanGrid, an app that allows users to integrate project plans, specs, and photos. Uploaded files are automatically synced with all team members that use the app. A punch list feature allows remodelers and designers to track project progress. Users can take photos and pictures to tasks, as well as upload PDF drawings.

PlanGrid was designed to be used in the field, and to perform fast and reliably. More than half a million users have uploaded over 20 million plans and blueprints to PlanGrid.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, and Android Smartphones.

4. Fieldwire

Project managers and contractors can use Fieldwire to collaborate with team members while in the field. Access plans and blueprints, share photos and punch lists, and access it all quickly on your mobile device. Fieldwire will optimize blueprints to display them instantly regardless of resolution. The blueprint viewer allows superintendents to plan inspections in minutes with hundreds of inspection items pre-loaded into checklist templates. Record issues or punch list items when you are on a walkthrough with a client, and upload photos to share instantly with subcontractors. Report safety concerns instantly.

Fieldwire is available for iPhone and iPad.

5. BuildCalc

Spend less time doing your estimates and calculations and more time building with this advanced construction calculator. BuildCalc offers advanced features and functions that will allow you to quickly determine a number of industry specific calculations.

  • Enter the room dimension, area or length and receive the number of drywall sheets needed for your sheet size.
  • Calculate material needs with the roof, drywall, or masonry functions to determine how much siding, panels or sheets you need.
  • Generate simple or complex stair designs.
  • Miter and bevel angles for simple and compound miter cuts with results for both miter saws and on-the-stick protractor marking.

Reviews for BuildCalc commend its versatility, effectiveness, and easiness to learn. “Being a second generation home builder and having labored through the repetitive layout calculation of stairs, rails, rafters, etc., I was amazed at how fast and easy this program made the normally redundant calculations.”

BuildCalc is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, and Android Smartphones.

6. Construction Master Pro

Another advanced construction calculator, Construction Master Pro includes full trigonometric functions to calculate complicated project problems, offers solutions for completing layouts, bids, plans, and estimates, and provides dimensional math conversions. Features include:

  • Area and volume calculators
  • Compound miters calculator
  • Right angle tools
  • Roof calculators (bundles, squares, pitch, plan area etc)
  • Decimals to the 100ths
  • Easy editing if you make a mistake

One user said, “I use the original Construction Master Pro in my remodeling business for rafters, stairs, squaring foundations, etc., so this was the first App I downloaded to my iTouch! I just started to use it, but it looks and feels like the real thing-- no learning curve.”

In addition to being available for iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android Tablets, and Android Smartphones, Construction Master Pro is also available for Windows devices, as well.

7. Safety Meeting App

Meet the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s required meeting laws with this app that covers 34 trade types and stores records electronically. OSHA requires contractors to conduct Safety Meetings on a regular basis and record the attendance, so Safety Meeting App allows your workers to take part of this training from their phones, tablets, or computers.

Instill a strong safety culture and avoid frivolous lawsuits while saving time on the worksite. Each meeting outline helps you comply with a specific OSHA safety training regulation, such as hazard communication, PPE, ladder & tool safety, lockout/tagout, and even driver safety topics.

Safety Meeting App is available for iPhone, iPad, Android Tablets, and Android Smartphones.

Our Expanded List of Bonus Apps!

We've expanded our list with even MORE construction apps that have contractors buzzing.

7 (More) Construction Technology Apps Every Contractor Is Talking About

We've been on the lookout for even more must-try apps for your smartphone and tablet. Here's what we found.

#1: Latista For Construction

This is a quality control and field management app built specifically for construction companies.

With the Latista app, you can:

  • Access documents electronically from the field- including PDFs, images, Word docs, PowerPoints, and Excel files.
  • Take your 3D BIM models into the field.
  • Create and manage punch lists.
  • Conduct inspections from your ipad.

Latista can help you organize your quality control procedures- including workflows, electronic forms, and checklists. You can manage your safety program from your mobile device by scheduling and tracking inspections, and notify responsible parties when there’s an issue. There’s plenty more useful features for you to discover with the Latista construction management app, too.

Available for iPhone and iPad.

#2: BuilderTrend

BuilderTrend is a cloud-based construction management app that supports you through each phase of a project. BuilderTrend app allows contractors to work better with their employees, subcontractors, and customers.

How does BuilderTrend work with you for the entire duration of your project?

  • Pre-sale process: use the app to manage bid requests, proposals, and automate your email marketing.
  • Project management: create daily logs and to-do lists. The app can send messages, update schedules, and create a punch list.
  • Financial management: Use the app to keep track of your budget, payments from customers, and purchase orders. It even has a timesheet feature for your employees.
  • Customer management: The app has a client portal that lets you get client reviews, send surveys, and create comment threads to stay in touch with your customers.
  • Your monthly subscription gets you an unlimited number of users, so you can make sure all of your employees are working with the same program.

BuilderTrend is available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

#3: Contractor Estimate and Invoice

This popular app from Joist Inc. has been downloaded from the Google Play Store over 100,000 times, and for good reason. Contractor Estimate and Invoice allows you to create estimates, invoices, record payments, and manage your projects from any of your devices.

This job has features that can prove useful for both one-person handyman operations or large contracting businesses. Some of our favorites are:

  • Create a list of commonly used items/materials.
  • Calculate material and labor costs for estimates and invoices.
  • Get signatures on client contracts on the spot.
  • Keep track of customer payments.
  • Export everything to your accounting program.

Free to download for iPad, iPhone, Android, and desktop computers.

#4: Job Estimate and Repair Order

Snappii’s Job Estimate and Repair Order is designed to save you time on your paperwork by letting you create quotes, work completion reports, and other documents directly on your mobile device.

Who doesn’t love a little less paperwork?

The app includes the following forms:

  • Job Estimate
  • Repair Order
  • Change Order
  • Progress Report
  • Work Completion

You can also use the app to aid in project management by using it to evaluate the amount of work that needs to be done, track repairs made to equipment, and report on work progress. All of your forms and data from the app can be easily exported to PDF and Excel reports.

Even better, Snappii’s apps are all customizable, so if you like the basic function of the app but need a few more features, you can customize it yourself, or have Snappii customize it for you.

Free to download for iPad, iPhone and Android.

#5: SmartBidNet

This app is designed to streamline your relationship with your subcontractors. The free SmartBidNet mobile app works with their paid internet application. The internet program and mobile app allow you to manage your communication with your subcontractors from one convenient dashboard.

The app’s features include:

  • Create and customize a subcontractor database.
  • Create pre-qualification questionnaires to screen your subs.
  • Organize and share project documents and plans.
  • Send communications, bid invitations, and RFIs to subs.

The price of the software itself depends on your needs.

Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, and your desktop computers.

#6: FieldLens

This app is a communication tool designed specifically for construction companies. FieldLens allows you to stay in contact with your colleagues conveniently, so that you always know what’s going on on your job sites.

How can FieldLens help you stay in touch?

  • Assign and track tasks.
  • Create and view issues directly on your project plans and drawings.
  • Automate your daily report.
  • Post small updates throughout the day to keep your coworkers in the loop.

To make connection a bit easier, the app works completely offline. That means no more losing touch when you’re out on a rural job site with no wifi access. Best of all, if your company has 3 users or less connected to the app, it’s free. If you’d like to connect more users than that, FieldLens has Pro and Team Packages starting at $25/month.

Free to download for iPad, iPhone and Android.

#7: is built specifically to help contractors collaborate with their colleagues. You could say this app promotes harmony. allows users to access and update important documents from anywhere, enabling you to collaborate with your supervisors, employees, and subs whether you’re in the office or not.

With this app, you can:

  • Access business emails, even without wifi or data.
  • Read and edit documents from your mobile device.
  • Collaborate in real time with coworkers in the field.
  • Eliminate the need for paper documents, and thus the risk of losing important paperwork.

Free to download for iPad, iPhone and Android.

Let us know if you use any of these apps on the job site, or if we've forgotten to include your favorite construction app by leaving us a comment below!

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